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Robert Blogs About Castledoor

Yesterday, Robert posted a blog on his SOLOBOB MySpace about Castledoor, a band from Los Angeles that will be releasing their first full-length album, Shouting at Mountains, on April 21. Robert had the pleasure of working with Castledoor in his home studio.

"We cut one song together called Fifth Tambourine and the next day I went to see them live. First off, they all played great in the studio and the recording instantly came to life. Their live show blew me away...truly inspiring. Nate, the lead singer, has an amazing voice and performs with real energy, not fake energy, like planned, but the real stuff, like passion and love. The songs were all memorable and filled with great parts and lyrics. I was happy to have met such a great band. We went in the following week and started recording the album. In a total of 8 action packed days, we finished recording and mixing 11 songs."

Read the whole blog here. If you would like to learn more about Castledoor or get information on where to find their album, visit their MySpace or the Castledoor Blog.
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