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This community is for Rooney fans everywhere. Come post pictures, stories, whatever!


I don't like rules so these would be more like Please Don'ts
Please don't tell us you're new.
Please don't post pictures without a cut.
Please don't take pictures without asking (that includes community icons).
Please don't insult band or community members.
Please don't start drama.


Rooney Member - Official Board Name - Instrument - DOB
Louie Stephens - Louie Stephens - Keyboards, tambourine - 9/23/84
Matthew Winter - MATTHEW ROONEY - Bass - 10/28/82
Ned Brower - nedbrower - Drums, vocals - 12/15/78
Robert Carmine - Carmine - Lead vocals, guitar - 12/24/82
Taylor Locke - taylorlocke - Guitar, vocals - 8/5/84

Rooney Songs
1994*, ABCs Of Love*, All In Your Head*, Are You Afraid?*, Back To The '50s, Believe In Me*, Blueside*, Calling The World*, Daisy Duke*, Don't Come Around Again*, Drifting, Eagles*, Enough's Enough, Find Myself*, Flight 22*, Fo' Luv, Freedom Fighters, Get Away, Ghost of Rock N' Roll, Hang Up On Me, Help Me Find My Way*, Here Today, Gone Tomorrow (Ramones Cover)*, Hey*, I Should've Been After You*, If It Were Up To Me*, I'm A Terrible Person*, I'm Shakin'*, In My Pocket, It Goes To Bed*, Losing All Control (Mellow Song)*, Love Is Not A Game, Love Me Or Leave Me*, Make Some Noise*, Manzana, Meltdown (You're On The Edge)*, Misery*, My Sickness, Never Be Forever, No Wait…*, One Armed Man, Oh What A Day*, Paralyzed*, Pin Me Up (Haven't You Learned), Popstars*, Raydeo, Shut Me Out, Simply Because*, Sleep Song, So Turned Around, Someone's Watching*, Something To Do, Sorry Sorry*, Stay Away*, Talk To Me (Are You Through With Me), Tell Me Soon (Tell Me You Love Me), That Girl Has Love*, The Floor*, The Juice, The Kids After Sunset, Those Things, Turn Away*, Walk In The Room, We Won't Work Late, What For?*, What Makes You So Special?, When Did Your Heart Go Missing?*, Why?*, Without Words, You Know Better, Yuki San (demo done by Robert alone)*

*Songs that can be found on fan sites, Kazaa, or other Rooney Cds (see bellow).
The rest are either brand new or older and are harder to find.

Rooney, Deli Meats, The Rooney Sampler, Plug It In, Mastedonia, The Red Room Volume One, A Tribute to Ramones We're A Happy Family, Advance Warning Volume 2, The Year They Recalled Santa Claus, Calling The World

Rooney Actors
-Ned was in Big Fat Liar as Rudy, Repli-Kate as Stoner, Not Another Teen Movie as Dude, and in some episodes of Dawson’s Creek as Elliot Sawyer. He was also in The Princess Diaries as one of the band members but was not credited.
-Robert was in The Virgin Suicides as Paul Baldino, The Princess Diaries as Michael, and in Lick The Star as Greg.
-Taylor was in Phantom Town as Arnie, Aliens In The Wild Wild West as Tom, and Lady In Waiting as Nick. He was also in The Princess Diaries as one of the band members but was not credited.

-Rooney was originally called Ed Rooney after the principal in the movie "Ferris Bueller's Day Off."
-Rooney did have other members. Teddy Briggs used to be the drummer, and Matt Star used to be the guitarist.
-The guys met through mutual friends.
-Robert changed his last name from Schwartzman to Carmine in honor of his late grandfather Carmine Coppola.
-Ned did some modeling.
-Louie loves Native Americans.
-Ned is the only member not from California. He was born in Chapel Hill, NC and then lived in Seattle.
-Matt wished his parents had named him Hidalgo Torres.
-Robert is related to half of Hollywood.
-Robert's brother Jason used to be in Phantom Planet (check them out).
-Taylor’s brother Dexter and Ned’s brother Lucas are part of the Rooney crew.